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Kit Check

Delivering Simplicity, Visibility, and Predictability to Your Medication Management Efforts

Our automated medication management system helps hospital pharmacies gain better visibility into medication usage to increase efficiencies and improve patient care.


  • Eradicate Mistakes: Reduce medication restocking errors to zero through RFID-enabled hospital inventory automation.
  • Automate Shortage Management: Spend less time managing shortages by setting temporary par-level ranges, and easily substitute alternative meds during times of shortage.
  • Efficient Management: Enable faster, easier, precise re-stocking and predictive medication management.
  • Optimize Tracking: Locate recalled medications in minutes — rather than hours or days — across all networked hospitals.
  • Simplified Analytics: Quickly and easily view kit and/or medication usage data via Kit Check Analytics, helping you lower costs, improve accountability, and streamline processes.

Kit Check

With Kit Check® and Kit Check Mobile Pharmacy, you can easily scan and track every medication as it enters your pharmacy and travels throughout the hospital – working with our suite of Medication Intelligence™ solutions to ensure every item gets to its correct destination.



– Anesthesia Workstations
– Or Tray Exchange
– Mobile Pharmacy


Crash Carts

– Adult
– Pediatric
– Neonatal


Ancillary Pharmacy

– Malignant Hyperthermia
– Intubation
– Contrast Reaction

DoseID™  is a self-governing industry consortium established to offer best practices around the use of serialized, RFID-tagged pharmaceutical products.

The goal of DoseID is to ensure the quality, performance, and interoperability of RFID-tagged, serialized drug products as they move through the supply chain — from manufacturing to patient administration — and interact with systems and software along the way.

Learn more about DoseID

Mobile Pharmacy

Discover Our New Mobile Pharmacy Solution.

Powered by speed. Driven by accuracy. Discover how Kit Check’s Mobile Pharmacy is improving medication management and preventing deviations.

    • Allows techs to read, track, and stock OR workstations directly from mobile cart.
    • Adapts to your workflow, requiring no change in most pharmacies and ORs.
    • Enables pharmacy to schedule stocking when resources are available.
    • Reduces stocking time by 30 – 50%.
    • Makes it easy to stock, move, and use cart while accurately scanning contents.


Utilizing automation to optimize tray management, allowing you to manage pharmacy inventory across crash carts, dispensing cabinets, anesthesia workstations, the OR and more.


Achieving full medication visibility that enables more efficient workflow management — unlocking faster, easier and more precise inventory management.


Reducing stock outs, expired products and waste through prescriptive analytics, tracking, reports, and dashboards that provide pharmacy staff with full visibility into drug inventory and usage.

  • Kit Check: Reduce medication restocking time by 72-96% and supports multiple pharmacy workflows.
  • Kit Check Mobile Pharmacy: Allows techs to read, track, and stock OR workstations directly from mobile cart.
  • Bluesight Insights: Receive real-time notifications whenever a lower-price option becomes available in the market.
  • Bluesight Controlled Substances: information from dispensing cabinets about who is handling what medications, when, where, and for whom.

Medication Intelligence Brochure

At Kit Check, we believe that tomorrow’s innovation comes from thoroughly understanding the challenges of today. This solution-oriented business model helps hospital pharmacies proactively gain visibility and control of medication management and distribution, as well as optimize their procedures.

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Bluesight Insights Demo

Interested in learning more about how Bluesight Insights can help you optimize pharmacy purchasing and supply chain management? This prerecorded demo will walk you through the different product features and outcomes you can achieve by using Bluesight Insights.

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Kit Check Mobile Pharmacy Informational Video

Powered by speed. Driven by accuracy. Discover how Kit Check’s Mobile Pharmacy is improving medication management and preventing deviations.

Customer Perspective: Importance of Medication Intelligence

MaryAnn Jenson, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Kit Check, Interview Chris Fortier, the Chief Pharmacy Officer at Massachusetts General Hospital, around the gaps that he sees in the current supply chain that software can help solve.