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Bluesight Insights

Enhance the Way Your Pharmacy Manages Supply Chain Technology, People, and Processes

Our easy-to-implement solution gives you actionable insights into
your supply chain to optimize spending, maximize compliance,
and save money.

Optimize Purchasing: Monitor GPO compliance in real time and make appropriate buying decisions to maintain compliance.

Manage Tracking: Easily locate pre-tagged medications from various manufacturers and 503Bs.

Automate Savings: Receive real-time notifications whenever a lower-price option becomes available in the market and monitor pharmacy purchasing behavior to reduce overspending.

Find Medication Alternatives: When an item is on shortage, easily identify available alternates and compare accessible products directly in the app.

Oversee Price Changes: See when there’s an increase in spend due to a change in your 340B ratio per medication.

Our newest Medication Intelligence™ solution, Bluesight Insights™ delivers an easy to install, fully automated solution that streamlines the pharmaceutical supply chain process.

Helping you stay on top of rapidly shifting drug prices, supplies, and regulations, Bluesight Insights provides holistic visibility into the supply chain — so you can reduce costs and keep your hospital well stocked.


Simplifying pharmacy stocking through real-time insights into drug pricing, drug availability, GPO compliance and 340B regulations — helping you make smart decisions that benefit your hospital.


Providing holistic visibility into the full breadth of available medications to help you make informed decisions that will optimize your inventory and budget.


Uncovering the complete pharmaceutical supply chain, so you can better understand and anticipate your hospital’s needs — thwarting challenges before they arise and making strategic decisions at every turn.

Enhance Processes & Outcomes: Gain transparency, maximize compliance, and optimize spend and savings.

Stay on Top of Spending: Discover actionable insights into overcharges, over-invoices, and price changes.

Follow Compliance: Maintain GPO compliance and maximize 340B returns to reduce purchasing errors.

Protect Your Budget: Make strategic buys of shorter-dated product at substantial savings.

Niagara Falls Case Study

After reviewing invoices from the previous 12-months using Bluesight Insights, Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center quickly identified key purchasing changes that could be made and existing gaps in their
manual billing processes, 340B splitter software, and staff purchasing procedures.

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Bluesight Insights Brochure

Bluesight Insights is a Kit Check-developed software tool utilizing proprietary technology for optimized supply chain management. Its core function is assisting hospitals and health systems with making intelligent buying decisions by providing them with real-time market insights.

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Bluesight Insights Demo

Interested in learning more about how Bluesight Insights can help you optimize pharmacy purchasing and supply chain management? This prerecorded demo will walk you through the different product features and outcomes you can achieve by using Bluesight Insights.