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Bluesight for Controlled Substances

Enhanced Medication Intelligence, Providing Full Visibility into Controlled Substance Management

Using powerful machine learning and AI to provide comprehensive audit coverage of all controlled substances across pharmacy, nursing, OR, and perioperative environments.

Identify Risks: Using multiple data sources to confidently identify diversion behavior.

Optimize Employee Practices: Empowering invested stakeholders to follow and implement best practices as well as updated policies and procedures.

Enhance Care: Increasing visibility into documentation compliance while decreasing medication errors to drive better clinical care and reduce patient harm.

Streamline Investigations: Reducing the time and manual effort needed to identify and investigate diversion, system practice issues, or careless behaviors.

Discover how Bluesight® for Controlled Substances helps you to identify risk among your staff, surface anomalous behavior patterns, and provide a clear path to reconcile discrepancies — all while working in tandem with our suite of Medication Intelligence™ platforms.


Eliminating time-consuming controlled substance tracking with an intuitive solution that makes it easy to report controlled medication use while complying with internal, local, and federal guidelines.


Increasing visibility into controlled substance documentation to drive compliance and decrease medication errors — driving better clinical care that reduces patient harm.


Utilizing multiple data sources to provide a streamlined, comprehensive look into controlled substance activity, instilling confidence in the accurate identification of diversion behavior.

Know Who’s in Control: Aggregates existing information from your dispensing cabinets and EMR about who is handling what medications, when, where, and for whom.

Spotlight Diversion Risks: Individual Risk Identification Score (IRIS) uses machine learning to identify clinicians whose behavior shows higher risk for diversion.

Stay on Top of Deviations: All analytics and dashboards are updated in real-time, highlighting risks and deviations as they occur in easy-to-navigate dashboards.

Track Every Action: Exception reports allow you to focus on important discrepancies, automatically tracking resolutions to provide you with a complete audit trail.

BCS Pharmacy Module

Kit Check’s optimized pharmacy module helps staff close more loops during reconciliation in both the pharmacy care area as well as the patient care area.

Bluesight for Controlled Substances Brochure

Diversion events put your staff, patients, and the reputation of your hospital at risk. That’s why we’ve created the most comprehensive controlled substance tracking and diversion detection solution.

Bluesight for Controlled Substances Demo

Interested in learning more about how Bluesigh for Controlled Substances can provide comprehensive audit coverage of all controlled substances? This prerecorded demo will walk you through the different product features and outcomes you can achieve by using Bluesight for Controlled Substances.

Nursing Practice Improvement Case Study

In an effort to streamline processes and communications, standardize practice, and gain better visibility into medication use, Community Memorial Health System of Ventura, CA pivoted to Bluesight for Controlled Substances from their previous EHSQ (Environmental Health & Safety and Quality Management) solution in September 2018