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‘Works With Kit Check’ Helps Hospitals Drive Toward the Next Generation of Drug Tracking

Last December we were thrilled to announce “Works with Kit Check” – a program that certifies hospital solutions that are compatible with Kit Check’s pharmacy kit management software. Since the original announcement, we have seen tremendous interest throughout the pharmacy community. Now, we are looking to expand the reach and diversity of the program so more organizations receive this certification of trust and compatibility with Kit Check and other leading automation vendors, carousels and ADMs.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will continue to share updates and key benefits around joining “Works With Kit Check” on our blog and social channels, so be sure to check back for updates. If you are interested in joining this unique ecosystem, we encourage you to read more about the program below and sign up for consideration here.

What Are The Benefits?

We kicked off “Works with Kit Check” to help hospital pharmacy decision makers easily identify the medication packaging, RFID tracking, RFID labeling, and inventory management products and services that are compatible with Kit Check. The certification also enables manufacturers, service providers, and technology vendors to differentiate their offerings by joining Kit Check’s community of over 400 hospital customers in the U.S. and Canada.

Other great aspects of joining this program include:

  • Access to the Bluesight Platform – a robust database containing all critical item-level drug data that provides: lifecycle data; product expiration, recall and shortage data; business insights (to optimize portfolios and gain customer preference insights); DSCSA compliance information and sales tools.
  • cGMP Compliance – using cGMP processes with verification activities throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC) with cGMP relevant data that can be trusted in downstream workflows throughout the supply chain.
  • RFID Tags Availability – Kit Check has developed a portfolio of inlays that work best in the challenging hospital environment. Kit Check has partnered with Avery Dennison, the world’s largest RFID partner, to develop tags and inlays that perform optimally in hospital settings. Kit Check will also accept other tags that meet our elevated standard.

What Else Should I Know?
Hospital pharmacists are not always aware of which solutions work with the various technologies they have in place, but Kit Check has developed a software solution that provides connectivity and visibility across the entire pharmaceutical ecosystem, from manufacturing facility to the hospital. A “Works with Kit Check” certification enables end users to understand which third-party offerings bring compatibility right out-of-the-box. The presence of this logo represents that we formally support integration with that company’s products.

So, if you think this type of collaboration is something your organization may be a fit for, we’d love to have you submit for consideration and look forward to some great conversations!