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Product Update: Kit Check powered by Bluesight has a new dashboard!

We’ve got an exciting update for the Kit Check application coming soon! Beginning 9/14, you’ll have access to a brand new dashboard view that will give you better visibility into recalled and expired medications in your inventory, easy access to some of the most frequently viewed data, and a new message board.

*Expired and Recalled Medications: easily see a count of expired and recalled medications in your kits and bins so that these can be quickly replaced to maintain patient safety. Includes quick links to add new recalls and the detailed reports for Item Expirations and Item Recalls.
* Kit Processing: View a list of kits that haven’t been scanned recently, contain drugs that are expiring within a particular window, or need to be reworked.
* Message Board: Notifications from Kit Check, including Network Recalls, system messages, and reminders that will help you maintain your inventory and keep your patients safe.