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Premier Inc. Designates Kit Check as "Essential Business"

In this unprecedented time in America, especially in healthcare, we at Kit Check are honored to continue to support our customers. We all know that COVID-19 has already begun to present additional supply chain challenges. With our Medication Intelligence software solutions, we want to ensure that providers can focus more time on patient care, and less time navigating the medication supply chain.

We would like to extend a warm thank you to our partners at Premier, Inc. who have provided documentation for us to be deemed an essential business in light of local and national regulation around business operations. As a Premier-contracted supplier that delivers products and services to acute and non-acute healthcare providers, we are committed to maintaining business as usual for our hospital customers.

In these trying times for healthcare providers we want to make sure our solutions can help in all possible ways. As you may have seen from outreach in the past week, our users have capability in our Bluesight for Controlled Substances platform to track dispensing and administration of non-controlled COVID-19 related medications. Additionally, our namesake Kit Check RFID medication tracking solution provides feature functionality well poised for this supply chain crisis. Users can extend expiration dates on RFID tagged medications, use the shelved inventory workflow feature, and use our shortage management feature to update par levels in kits as stocking situations change. Any hospitals who need more information and are looking to utilize these features can reach out to their Solutions Consultant.

Once again, we want to reiterate our dedication here at Kit Check to supporting our nation’s healthcare providers. We are very grateful to them for their continued daily commitment to patient care. Thanks to our industry partners like Premier Inc., we are better able to engage with the COVID-19 issue together as a whole.


Kevin MacDonald,
CEO and Co-Founder, Kit Check