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The Numbers Show That Kit Check is More Than Just a Tag


Benefits of the Crowd and the Cloud

So how is Kit Check more than just a tag? The Kit Check user base is growing fast and that provides a lot of additional value for everyone. The recently released network recall feature takes advantage of the crowd of more than 15,000 Kit Check users. Anytime a user enters a recall lot number and NDC into Kit Check, everyone else using the system gets notified automatically if they also have recalled items in their kits. They can then take proactive action. My friend Mark Lyons of Wayne Memorial Hospital told me recently that the proactive notification will be a significant benefit for his pharmacy staff. This only works because Kit Check has such a large user base and the software is cloud hosted so everyone is connected and can benefit from each other.

The Only Solution That Works with PharMEDium

PharMEDium started integrating Kit Check tags into its prefilled syringes because so many of its hospital customers were already using our solution. You now get PharMEDium syringes pre-tagged, ready to use with Kit Check at no added cost. This is providing new efficiency and visibility into prefilled syringe management. John Falkenholm from Advocate Lutheran recently commented on this added value in a video interview.

Analytics That Enable Data Driven Decisions and Savings

You also get robust analytics that can help you reduce pharmacy kit inventory based on actual usage data. And, you can track performance and standardize your kit medications across a multi-hospital system as Robert Eastin from Scripps Health related in another recent video interview. Other organizations such as Edward Hospital have reported that Kit Check Analytics saved them nearly $1,000 per kit in medication inventory reduction (case study here).

Chosen by the Partners You Trust

Kit Check founder Kevin MacDonald has pointed out that our industry leadership has led to a long list of partners that hospitals already use ranging from AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal and McKesson to the leading GPOs, CareFusion, Safecor and others. These relationships make it easier for hospitals to integrate Kit Check use into their existing processes and standards.

The Numbers Add Up

There have been 10 ASHP posters and management presentations and a peer-review Pharmacy Journal article that all speak to the documented benefits of Kit Check. From 71-96% reported time savings across hundreds of hospitals to 240,000 medications tracked at Brigham and Women’s with zero errors, the results are consistent. The 15 million medications tracked and over 500,000 pharmacy kits successfully refilled also confirm that the system is scalable and reliable.

However, what is truly different about Kit Check is that it provides so much more value than just using RFID for pharmacy kit replenishment. When I joined Kit Check, Kevin told me that his goal was to be a friend to the hospital pharmacist; to provide a suite of solutions that automate manual processes to free up pharmacist time for clinical work while reducing human error. That mission continues with added solutions such as Narc Check for OR anesthesia medication reconciliation, Analytics for cost and inventory optimization, and the many features that are unmatched in the industry. All Kit Check solutions populate a growing database that provides insight to allow pharmacy directors to better manage their business.

I knew when we started that the tremendous benefits delivered by Kit Check would attract competitors. I also anticipated that we would continue to lead the industry by providing more features, more value and more focus on solving pharmacy challenges that others have neglected. All of this points to one simple conclusion. While other companies will try to copy our technology and functionality and even use just a single, basic RFID tag to try to compete, the fact will remain that Kit Check is more than just a tag. That added value continues to separate Kit Check from the pack as the overwhelming market leader.

If you would like to learn more about how hospitals like yours are using Kit Check today, please click the button below to request more information.

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