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Kit Check is the Top Choice for Medication Tray Management

Medication Tray Management, Pharmacy Purchasing & Products, May 2018Manually restocking of pharmacy kits and trays is a tedious, time consuming, and error prone process. Many hospitals are turning to technology to help them improve efficiency and patient safety by automating the medication tray tracking and restocking process. Hospitals using these systems have noticed a marked decrease in the time spent on these critical tasks, a drastic drop in tray errors, and better use of dedicated FTEs’ time. Automated systems can also provide visibility into medication usage data, which can be used to make changes in inventory ordering and stocking.

While still fairly new, automated medication tray and anesthesia tray management systems have been adopted by 16% of hospital pharmacies surveyed by Pharmacy Purchasing & Products, and another 21% have plans to implement an automated system.

For the second year in a row, Kit Check is the favored choice for automated medication tray management among hospitals that have implemented this technology.

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