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Kit Check + Safecor = Even Easier Pharmacy Kit Processing

Yesterday Kit Check announced a partnership with Safecor, the largest medication repackager serving hospitals in the United States. We started working with Safecor early in 2013 and it is now serving eight Kit Check customers.  We wanted to offer an option for customers to have medications arrive with RFID tags already applied. Safecor’s scale and validated safety procedures made it a logical choice.


What Value Does Safecor Bring?

Partnerships only make sense when they bring tangible value to end users. Kit Check has become known for cutting pharmacy kit processing time by 90%, increasing kit accuracy and dramatically reducing the risk of expired drugs circulating in hospitals. An important element of the technology solution involves using RFID to automatically check for missing medications and ensure none have expired.

To take advantage of the technology, RFID tags are added to medication labeling. This makes the national drug code (NDC), dosage, expiration and lot number machine-readable. For hospitals that want to do this with in-house staff, Kit Check provides tools and software that make this a quick process. Safecor takes it a step further. The medications arrive at the hospital pre-tagged and ready to use.  Safecor make a fast and easy process, faster and easier.

Access to 700 Hospitals

tagged_vialKit Check customers are located throughout the United States and from San Francisco to Boston we wanted someone who could provide consistent RFID tagging service. Safecor has a customer base of over 700 hospitals nationwide. That means it can handle large scale requirements, provide broad coverage and service an entire hospital system where needed.  Kit Check is working with around 1% of Safecor customers today. We expect that number to grow rapidly.

A Commitment to Safety – the last 10 feet of the drug supply chain

safety_firstIn telecommunications and broadband, you often hear about the last mile of connectivity to the door of the consumer. Kit Check operates in the last 10 feet of the drug supply chain leading to the patient. As a result, we are on the front lines of reducing the risk of medication errors in hospitals. Our focus on providing a solution that automatically checks medication accuracy extends back into the tagging process.

Safecor’s FDA validated cGMP status demonstrates dedication to accuracy and safety consistent with Kit Check’s values. In addition, each medication tagged with RFID by Safecor is validated in the repackaging center by a registered pharmacist before shipment. That means when medications arrive, they are ready for use with Kit Check. At a time when hospital pharmacies are feeling a crush of new requirements and pressure to reduce cost, leveraging Kit Check is a logical choice. Adding Safecor, makes the process even easier.