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Kit Check and QuVa Pharma Announce New Partnership

Prefilled and RFID tagged syringes will minimize handling time and reduce waste, errors in hospital pharmacies

ORLANDO, FL (December 4, 2017) — Kit Check and QuVa Pharma announced the formation of a partnership designed to streamline medication tracking for hospital pharmacies throughout the United States. Under the agreement, QuVa Pharma will embed Kit Checks Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags on their prefilled syringes. The embedded tags will work with the scanning solutions provided by Kit Check to improve medication inventory management and reduce waste by making the syringes immediately available to drop into kits.

Medicines produced by QuVa Pharma arrive ready-to-use, having been produced and fully tested in a controlled environment. The embedded RFID tags allow hospital pharmacists to add batches of medications to inventory in seconds using the Kit Check scanner. Once in inventory, the Kit Check solution permits medications to be tracked throughout the hospital—from pharmacy to patient — whether they are in bags, trays or kits. Combined with their powerful machine learning platform called Bluesight, this item-level tracking enables Kit Check to provide pharmacists with actionable insights such as real-time restocking, inventory benchmarking and even manufacturer recalls, regardless of the medication management workflow in use at the hospital.

“We are very excited to have a high-quality partner like QuVa Pharma on board,” said Kevin MacDonald, co-founder and CEO at Kit Check. “Pretagged syringes are a preferred approach for many of our client pharmacies since they allow the pharmacists to maximize the effectiveness of the Kit Check kit and tray automation process. They reduce staff handling time, reduce errors, increase patient safety and each pharmacist can work at the top of their license. Everyone wins.”

As the compounding partner, QuVa Pharma is setting high standards in quality compliance, with both of their Texas facilities in excellent standing with the FDA. A third facility is already under construction to meet market demand. By investing in specialty facilities and operations, QuVa Pharma is addressing the effects of recent regulation changes on healthcare providers and establishing a goal of improving patient safety through stringent controls on production, materials and processes.

“Our primary mission is to improve patient safety,” said Stuart Hinchen, QuVa Pharma’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “The outsource compounding service we provide helps to reduce the risk of inadvertent errors that may occur with bed-side preparation and frees up the pharmacist to become more of an informed advisor on patient treatment. Embedding the RFID tags in our syringes further streamlines this process and allows detailed item-level tracking, so we are thrilled to be working closely with the leading provider of this technology.”

The RFID-embedded syringes are already in production and available for order. QuVa Pharma and Kit Check will be exhibiting their innovative solutions at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Midyear Clinical Meeting 2017 in Orlando Florida December 4-6. To learn more, visit Kit Check at Booth #1011 or QuVa Pharma at Booth #646.

About Kit Check
Kit Check is a leading provider of automated medication management solutions for hospital pharmacies. Our solutions blend powerful machine learning and advanced tracking technology to streamline medication inventory and auditing processes. To date our US and Canadian hospital partners have tracked over 30 million medications using our innovative products. More information about the Kit Check suite of solutions can be found at

About QuVa Pharma, Inc.
QuVa Pharma is a nationally recognized company emerging as the leading industry 503B platform and partner of choice for compliance-oriented healthcare facilities looking to ensure a quality, safe and consistent supply of medications. The Company offers a broad portfolio of products across Pain Management, Anti-infective, OR Syringes, Labor and Delivery therapeutic areas amongst others, all of which are released only once sterility and potency testing is successfully complete, and with validation supporting appropriate BUD. The company is committed to having a patient-first orientation, as well as a robust product portfolio, leading safety standards, and collaborative, partnership-oriented customer service. For more information, visit

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