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Introducing the Kit Check Mobile Cart

Free space is often a precious commodity in hospital pharmacies and ORs. You want to have all of your necessary medication easily at hand, and also to have visibility into usage and expiration dates. Some common ways of dealing with the space issue is to grab extra dosages to have on hand, or to keep extra trays in the OR to swap in as needed.

However, these solutions can create their own problems. “Hoarding” extra stores of meds means a lack of visibility into usage, and having extra trays and inventory can take up valuable room space and make it difficult to maneuver in close quarters, which can hinder efficiency and even patient care.

Kit Check’s new mobile cart solution was designed specifically to help mitigate these issues. Think of it as a mini “pharmacy on wheels” that allows seamless restocking of both automated and non-automated anesthesia workstations right in the operating room.

This compact cart avoids consuming precious space and eliminates the need for extra trays and inventory. Since it’s on wheels, the cart enables you to easily navigate elevators, hallways, tight corners, and operating rooms so you can get medications to where they need to be. And optional locking inventory drawers ensure your medications remain secured when not in use.

This all-in-one setup holds the blue box scanner, as well as a wi-fi enabled interface and power supply, so you don’t have to position it near an outlet. The same analytics provide visibility into usage data that can help optimize your pharmacy operations. There’s no need for any extra staffing, and use of the mobile cart fits within existing workflows.

If you’re short on spare space in your pharmacy or the OR, the mobile cart is a great way to minimize your restocking efforts and ensure 100% accuracy, all in the interest of better patient care.