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Edward Hospital's Lean Optimization of Anesthesia Trays Improves Provider Experience

Huzefa Raja, PharmD, OR supervisor at Edward Hospital, has always been a forward-thinking leader in the Kit Check community. Recently he shared some of the work he and his team have done to optimize their anesthesia trays to reduce waste and improve provider efficiency. Edward Hospital has graciously allowed us to share the recording of this webinar with the broader hospital pharmacy community to inspire additional dialog and innovation.

Analytics provides the fuel for data drive change

In this engaging presentation, Huzefa lays out the steps he took to analyze medication utilization and the 4 steps his team is taking to optimize:

  1. Reduce par levels of infrequently used meds to reduce expiration waste and free up space
  2. Increase par levels for frequently used drugs to avoid stock outs
  3. Transition to prefilled syringes for commonly prepared but infrequently used drugs to eliminate waste
  4. Redesign the physical layout to group like drugs and relocate the most commonly used drugs to the front of the trays to create a more intuitive, efficient provider experience
Pitstop F1 ING Renault” by Bert van Dijk CC BY-SA 2.0

Join the largest community of hospital pharmacies using RFID tray automation

Kit Check invented RFID tray automation and is helping almost 400 hospital pharmacy leaders achieve similar results as Edward Hospital with their crash carts, anesthesia workstations, and anesthesia and other procedural trays. Interested in how Kit Check can help your hospital pharmacy increase team productivity, reduce costs and improve safety? Contact us now.

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