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A New Place for Professionals to Discuss Diversion Best Practices

After speaking to a nurse leading an “opioid safety” program at a large, health-system this month, I was reminded how much I value our nursing colleagues through my professional career as a pharmacist. In fact, she had great insights into how they’ve been able to successfully develop a robust drug diversion program, year after year, with positive outcomes!

We also spoke at some length on the idea of starting a user group community for existing bluesight customers and how we can all benefit by sharing and learning unique best practices with each other.

So, with that idea, she asked me to write down an overview of this community in the SBAR format. For subscribers that aren’t familiar, SBAR is a communication tool, that that is widely adopted in nursing and provides a framework for communication, it stands for Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation.

S (Situation): Professionals that manage drug diversion programs with advanced technology need to stay informed of best practices and new resources to perform effectively in their roles. In fact, health-system leaders that often leverage a high-quality network have reported this had helped them develop successful strategies for their organizations.

B (Background): A Community Forum is an online “meeting place” that is used to engage with other peers and health-system leaders to discover and share “tribal knowledge”, as well as create conversations about a wide range of topics members are interested in.

A (Assessment): There is only a handful of online resources and forums available through professional organizations, none of which are solely focused on programs that integrate Bluesight CS.

R (Recommendation): KitCheck will be launching an online discussion forum centered around our existing drug diversion community. In addition, we will develop various programs and events to ensure our community members can interact with our data science and product teams, as well as with each other to increase these community-driven conversations.

After this SBAR handoff – what questions do you have for us?


Beju Shah, PharmD, MBA

Director of Clinical Solutions