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8 Hospitals Using Kit Check Choose Safecor to Apply RFID Tags to Pharmacy Kit Medications


Washington, DC — Kit Check™, provider of automated hospital pharmacy kit processing software, today announced an RFID (radio frequency identification) medication tagging program with Safecor Health, the leading outsourced medication re-packager for hospitals in the United States. Safecor Health is currently applying RFID tags for eight Kit Check customers with a 350,000 annual pharmacy kit medication run rate. The companies are collaborating to introduce the Kit Check solution to other hospital pharmacies throughout Safecor Health’s 700-hospital customer base.

“Safecor Health and Kit Check hospital pharmacy customers are focused on improving quality and efficiency, thereby reducing operating costs,” said Ryan O’Dell, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at Safecor Health. “Kit Check hospitals reduce pharmacy kit processing times and improve the entire quality process surrounding medication kit replenishment. Customers using Safecor Health for repackaging services can now get their medications pre-tagged with RFID in our FDA cGMP environment, making it even easier and more efficient to use Kit Check. This further enhances the quality and cost savings for hospital pharmacies.”

Kevin MacDonald

“As the leading hospital medication re-packager in the United States, Safecor Health was a logical choice for partnership. Kit Check was looking for a partner that serves a large number of hospitals and has a validated FDA cGMP quality process. Safecor Health is FDA registered and has pharmacists on staff that verify 100% of all repackaged and RFID tagged orders. Kit Check’s system makes it easy for hospitals to quickly add RFID tags to pharmacy kit medications if they choose to do it in-house, but using Safecor Health is even easier,” commented Kit Check CEO Kevin MacDonald.

How RFID Tags are used with Kit Check

Pharmacy kits are used throughout hospitals for critical care procedures including operating room anesthesia, crash carts, pediatric emergency, labor and delivery and many others. The kits contain up to 200 medications each. Kit Check’s solution eliminates a decades-old manual process of hospital pharmacy kit replenishment and expiration verification. After a hospital pharmacy kit is used for patient care by medical staff, it is returned to the pharmacy so consumed medications may be replaced. A pharmacy technician must determine what items are missing and handle each individual medication manually to ensure it is not nearing expiration. After expiring items are removed and medications restocked, a pharmacist must double-check the accuracy of kit contents. By adding RFID tags to medications, a Kit Check scanning station can count and validate each item automatically. Instead of 30 minutes of manual labor, RFID combined with Kit Check’s cloud-based software enables these processes to take place in seconds.

Kit Check customers have two options: they can add RFID tags to medications with internal staff or leverage Safecor to ship pre-tagged medications ready for immediate use. This enables hospitals to capture all of the time savings without any incremental activities.

About Safecor Health

Safecor Health, LLC, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, is a FDA registered pharmaceutical manufacturer and repackager with production facilities in Columbus, OH and Woburn, MA. For more than 37 years, Safecor Health has solved critical challenges for customers related to the unique packaging, labeling and bar-coding requirements of pharmaceutical products. Safecor Health serves the outsourced packaging and bar coding needs of hospitals and health systems; long term care and correctional care pharmacy providers; federal, state and local government entities; pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers; hospices, large clinics and other sites of patient care. For more information, please visit

About Kit Check™

Kit Check™ is the leader in automated hospital pharmacy kit processing. Since launching in 2012, Kit Check™ has focused on replacing time consuming and error prone manual processes in the hospital pharmacy with faster and safer automation technologies driven by a scalable cloud software platform. Kit Check™ is headquartered in Washington, DC and services hospitals throughout the United States. For more information please contact Kit Check™ via email at or call (786) 548-2432 ext. 5.